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  • Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Meet Your Meat: A Look at Modern Day 'Factory Farms'

    Today I have a video for you which is, frankly, one of the most horrible I have ever seen. It shows in graphic detail how today's Factory Farm in the USA operates. See if you can watch it all without being dismayed and frightened by the situation the animals are in. When you spend your money at McDonalds for example, you are supporting this kind of activity. Now, let's get on with
    Meet Your Meat


    Truthspew said...

    Large scale production means some so called humane methods cannot be employed.

    The only thing that really bothers me about the whole thing is the sick animals being passed off to processing. That has to stop.

    What irks me about the video is its PETA sponsorship. On the whole, the PETA folks are lunatics. Our gut evolved to process meat, we have to depend on bacteria in the digestive tract to help us process plant matter.

    John said...

    Yup! It's pretty hideous. Read Diet for a New America some time.

    Patrick Townson said...

    To Truthspew: If large scale production'requires that humane processing methods cannot be used, then maybe we need to be eating less meat!

    I agree with you on the PETA people for the most part, but just because they are sometimes 'lunatics' does not mean we can dismiss everything they say out of hand.

    For sure, we as humans do have dominion over animals, but there is no reason animals cannot be treated in a humane and kind fashion.